Our Team

Roxy Kilian

Roxy has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Honours Degree in Psychology.


"I am passionate about seeing children and teens reaching their full potential in all aspects of life. I have more than 10 years experience in education: class teaching, tutoring and mentoring students.


I began JumpStart 6 years ago when I noticed that many students and their parents feel overwhelmed by the academic demands that are placed on them. My vision for JumpStart is to empower these students with the skills and tools to face these challenges head on and achieve beyond what they thought was previously possible. 

I love what I do! Seeing a student walk away with a sense of hope and excitement about their academic studies is a great blessing!"

Marike Mouton

Marike holds a BSc in Mathematics and Operations Research and an Advanced Diploma in Business Improvement Leadership.


She collectively has 4 years’ experience as a math teacher/ tutor. She spent several years facilitating Business Improvement workshops for AngloAmerican – and as a BI specialist using Mathematical, Statistical, Project Management and Financial concepts to improve output and minimise costs. 


"I believe that each and every young person carries within themselves the potential to design their own success. I want to unleash a sense of confidence in my learner's own abilities. And to make that the driving force behind their learning experience!"

Martyn Kilian

Martyn holds a bachelors degree in theology and biblical languages and has 12 years experience working in the NPO sector. Martyn is an accredited HeartStyles Facilitator and is passionate about helping people realise their full potential!  

"Working in the NPO sector has shown me time and again that the potential stored up within people is often far greater than what is ever actualised. Most of the time, we can be our own worst enemy because of negative thinking patterns that are ingrained in us and affect our everyday decision making. But I believe people CAN change and Heartstyles is a powerful tool that can help individuals recognise the areas that require work and give practical steps to make lasting changes."