In our work with Heartstyles, we regularly hear stories of how people in the working world become aware of how they parent.  We too are deeply aware that when we parent from ineffective thinking, we definitely aren't being our best selves.  Whilst there are no perfect parents, those who become more aware of their behaviour and how they parent, will leave a lasting legacy in the lives of their children.

Ross & Jessie Orwin, Heartstyles Global executives

The Heartstyles philosophy

Heartsyles is personal development tool that equips individuals and groups with the information they need to become the best version of themselves. The Heartstyles indicator lies at the centre of this model. It is a scientifically validated indicator that helps each individual discover their own path to personal growth and development. 


A trained facilitator will then journey with participants through the philosophy and practical application of the Heartstyles Indicator that has seen many individuals, businesses and organisations experience phenomenal growth over the past 18 years. 

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Below are all the products that we offer based upon the Heartstyles indicator and philosphy:

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Parenting from the Heart

Parenting is both incredibly rewarding whilst also being one of the hardest jobs on the planet. 


Parenting from the Heart is a program we offer to parents based upon the Heartstyles indicator and philosophy.

This program can be run for small groups of parents in a home setting or for larger groups. We also offer parent talks for schools that introduce the main concepts of Heartstyles 


This is not a parenting course in the traditional sense but a personal development course which will have profound impact on all your relationships, especially those with your children. When we become more effective as people and as parents we in turn empower our children to become the best version of themselves. 

Living from the Heart

Living from the Heart is one-on-one personal coaching sessions that we offer to anyone who is seeking after a effective path for self improvement. 

There are no quick fixes or magic bullets but if you are able to understand what your heart really wants and you are empowered to overcome the hurdles that hold you back then you will begin to live the life that you really desire. 

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Working from the Heart

Working from the Heart is our offering to organisations who want to improve the culture and values of their teams. It is in this arena that Heartstyles has seen some of its greatest results. For business focused products we partner with Tidal who have many years experience in shifting culture and bringing lasting change to some of the biggest organisations in South Africa and around the world. 

Our Strategy

Each situation is different so we tailor-make a program to suite your needs. Each program can include the following elements:  


The Heartstyles Indicator is an online survey that measures the areas each individual wants to work on. The simple, wonderful truth is that people are immensely complex. That doesn’t mean personal growth can’t be straightforward. It just means you need a clear idea of what you’ll concentrate on and why. That’s what the Heartstyles Indicator establishes. 


Face-to-Face time is the most important part of the Heartstyles approach. During these sessions a Heartstyles accredited facilitator will unpack the meaning of the Indicator and explain the underlying principals involved. Once this understanding is in place the facilitator will set you on course for your own journey of personal growth.  


Heartsyles is about our lifestyle and that is never static. Heartstyles does not set you into a category or a type but recognises that we are all on a journey of personal growth. For the best results we recommend follow-up sessions which may include re-doing your indicator to see how you have grown and what areas you want to focus on next.  

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