"A huge thank you for running your excellent, relevant and very practical workshop with our students. I believe that the children will benefit from this hugely! 
Your warm, calm and kind manner made the children feel so relaxed and we couldn't think of anyone else who could run this workshop as effectively as you did. We look forward to having you with us in 2019 again. Thank you for your invaluable input and hard work."

Reddam House, Grade Head

JumpStart Study Skills offers tailored workshops for grades 4-7 in the Cape Town Area. Our Workshops focus on the personal growth of the individual student in the areas of motivationstudy skills and exam/test preparation


Our workshops are presented in an interactive manner by Roxy, who is a highly skilled and experienced teacher.

Each student receives a workbook, which is used during the workshop and is  taken home afterwards for future reference and for parents to learn about some of the skills that were taught.

Our workshops also aims to assist students, who are transitioning from one developmental phase to the next. We equip students with skills and tools they need to better understand who they are and how to tackle the challenges that they face.

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Foundations - Level 1 Study Skills

This workshop introduces students to the foundations of effective study skills. This workshop is tailor made for grade 4 and 5 students who have only recently started writing formal tests and exams.


This workshop is 3 hours  and covers the following topics:

  • Keywords and the foundations of summarising

  • The left and right hemisphere of my brain and how they influence learning

  • Making study notes

  • The essentials to having an effective study session

Building Blocks - Level 2 Study Skills

This workshop is designed for students who have already been writing formal tests and exams and who may or may not have had an introduction to the basics of study skills.


The workshop is aimed at a more advanced level than the Foundations Workshop and is for students who are in grade 6 & 7


The workshop is 5 hours and covers the following topics: 

  • The importance of setting goals

  • The right and left hemisphere of my brain and how they influence learning

  • Summarising 

  • Concept maps (“Mind Maps”)

  • Block method

  • Flash cards

  • Mental pictures and association

  • What is my learning style?

  • Learning according to my learning style

  • My study environment

  • Effective Test / exam skills

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Home Based Workshops 

Both our Foundations and Building Blocks workshops can be run from your home for between 2 - 4 students. Find out more.

Workshops for Schools & Parent talks


These workshops are tailor made for each school to ensure that their unique requirements are met. Workshop content is determined by the needs of the school and the target grade. The cost of the workshop can be greatly reduced as it will be done with full classes. This is a very cost effective way to bring our material into any community! Speak to your principal about running a JumpStart workshop in your school! 


Parent Talks can also be arranged to equip parent’s with tools to assist their children in studying effectively at home.

To find out more about Workshops for Schools or Parent Talks, please Contact us.

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Roxy has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Honours Degree in Psychology.


"I am passionate about seeing children and teens reaching their full potential in all aspects of life. I have more than 10 years experience in education: class teaching, tutoring and mentoring students.


I began JumpStart 6 years ago when I noticed that many students and their parents feel overwhelmed by the academic demands that are placed on them. My vision for JumpStart is to empower these students with the skills and tools to face these challenges head on and achieve beyond what they thought was previously possible. 

I love what I do! Seeing a student walk away with a sense of hope and excitement about their academic studies is a great blessing!"

Meet Roxy
Home Based Workshops 
If you select this option you will host a private workshop in the convenience of your home for your child and up to 3 other friends. 
These workshops and specially tailored to the grade and requirements of each group.
Cost is calculated on a sliding scale based on the size of the group up to a maximum of 4 students.    
Building Blocks
Duration: 5hours
2 Students R1000 pp
3 Students R900 pp
4 Students R800 pp
Duration: 3hours
2 Students R650 pp
3 Students R550 pp 
4 Students R450 pp
* Additional travel costs may be charged depending on the distance and if the workshop takes place over more than one day. 

Springfield Junior Parent

"Thank you so much for the workshop and all that you have taught my daughter.  I wish I could have recorded her relying all about the last two days.  She is thrilled and feels you have helped a lot. Listening to her today made me realise that going to your course was so worth while."  
Classroom Based Workshops
Over the past two years JumpStart has successfully run classroom workshops in some of the top schools in the Cape Town area.
This is our  most affordable offering as each workshop is presented during school hours for an entire grade or class and is tailored to the needs of that school and grade. 
Please email us if you would like to enquire about hosting a workshop in your school!